Whole Foods Dumps Chobani due to GE Ingredients

By: Just Label It
Posted on December 20, 2013


We want to thank Whole Foods Market for their decision to stop carrying Chobani yogurt in their stores!

Whole Foods, the nations largest high-end grocery chain, has announced plans to stop selling Chobani yogurt by early next year because if its unlabeled genetically engineered ingredients. The company wants to make more room on their shelves for smaller, more exclusive brands that don’t contain GE ingredients.

This is a smart move by the grocery chain as GE labeling is widely supported by American consumers. The decision is part of a larger trend being seen in food retailers to push for voluntary GE labeling. Whole Foods announced in March that they plan to require labels on all food containing GE ingredients being sold in their stores by 2018, and a Safeway shareholder resolution was recently filed urging the Safeway grocery chain to label its private line of products that contain GE ingredients.

We are excited to see food manufacturers and retailers finally listening to consumers and pushing for the labeling of GE ingredients!