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Good Friday Food Links

(New York Times)

Shocking: The F.D.A., citing lack of evidence, declined to ban the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) from food and drink packaging. It’ll be more shocking if the agency, which has a long, rich history of inaction when it comes to animal antibiotics, decides to ban the practice of routinely feeding antibiotics to healthy farm animals, a decision that it’s being forced to make.

Other news that makes you wonder whose side the F.D.A. is on: Last week, the Just Label It campaign says they turned in one million signatures asking the agency to label genetically engineered foods. The agency says it received a little under 400. Huh?

Who are they scared of? Well, a Monsanto representative recently threatened a public official in Vermont that the biotech giant would sue the state if it dared to pass a GMO labeling bill, AlterNet reports. Just a question: Is Monsanto pure evil or is this just a corporate mission we can’t understand? Their motto appears to be “Do the Wrong Thing.”

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