We know how important quality food is to you, and your loved ones.  It brings us all together as families around the dinner table, and bonds us together as a culture during holidays and religious celebrations.

Yet profit-making chemical companies and patent holders want to change our relationship to our food, and they are trying to do it without our knowledge or consent.

First and foremost, we encourage you to take action and let officials in Washington, D.C. know that you want genetically engineered (GE) foods labeled.

Secondly, you can help support Just Label It by contributing money, and helping us continue to send this important message to those in our government who make the policies that affect the safety of our food across the United States.  You’ll be joining and contributing to a movement of concerned citizens who are fighting for the right to know about our food.

We appreciate your generous contribution of any amount.*




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*Please note: all donations are non tax-deductible.